Accurate + affordable snow depth monitoring

In partnership with Juniper Systems

What if you could know the precise snow depth on your ski runs? 

You could make less snow, move less snow and provide a better experience for your guests. 

More importantly SnowGage will save you money.

(10%-15% reduction in overall operating costs can be achieved).

SnowGage pings through the snow, with our proprietary wide band radar unit, 

to provide precise snow depth to an accuracy of just 2 inches, 

for a fraction of the cost (Under $20,000) 

of less reliable solutions offered by our competitors. 

Major resorts currently utilizing SnowGage:

Steamboat, Aspen/Snowmass, Telluride & Copper in Colorado

Deer Valley, Alta, Solitude and Snowbasin in Utah 

Many more resorts coming online this year.

About SnowGage

GPS Interface

Proprietary Wide Band Radar Unit

Mounts under snow groomers and on snow mobiles.

Google Maps Overlay

Access snow depth in real time through our cloud based app.

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Winter On Demand

What if you could buy colder weather? 

What would 5-10 degrees colder temperatures be worth to your snowmaking operations in October, November or even December? 

In many cases you just need a few degrees colder weather to make snow. Liquid Nitrogen is the answer... best of all it's affordable!

It's Simple Math

Each gallon of Liquid Nitrogen holds tremendous amounts of cold. -321 degrees of cold to be exact. Mix that super cold liquid in small amounts with water from a snow making reservoir at just the the right ratio and magic happens!

Make perfect snow at 5-10 degrees higher temps than before.

The Economics of Snow

Snow is extremely valuable when:

1. You have it earlier than your competitors.

2. You have better snow than your competitors.

3. You have more runs open than your competitors.

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PowderMaker 2.0

What does it do?

Unlike the power tiller, that uses hydraulics and horsepower to beat the snow surface and lay down the all to familiar "corduroy" snow surface, the PowderMaker 2.0 gently peels up the snow surface (2"-4" deep) and runs it through a series of vibrating screen rollers to lay down a softer, more powdery snow surface. It is truly a new and better snow surface to enjoy at the resorts.

When will it be ready?

The second prototype will be built in Q4 of this year. A manufacturing partner will then be chosen in 2019. Look for the PowderMaker 2.0 surface at a resort near you for the 2019/2020 ski season.

More info on PowderMaker 2.0

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Daniel's vision for EcoTecSnow is to be the leader in snow!

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