PowderMaker 2.0


EcoTecSnow owns the PowderMaker brand... What does it do?

Unlike power tillers, that use hydraulics and horsepower that beat the snow into submission to lay down the all too familiar "corduroy" snow surface, the PowderMaker 2.0 gently peels up the snow surface (1"-3" deep) and runs it through a series of vibrating screen rollers to lay down a softer, more powdery snow surface. This also saves about 20% in fuel costs per acre as it does not require a power tiller. It is truly a new and better snow surface to enjoy.

When will it be ready for the resorts?

The final  prototype will be built this season with extensive testing at a couple resorts in California and Colorado. A manufacturing partner will then be chosen to build and distribute the units to major resorts. Look for the PowderMaker 2.0 surface at a resort near you for the 2020/21 ski season and beyond.


What is this?

Although the finished product might not look as pretty as corduroy, it lasts longer and is easier to carve in most conditions. The next time you see the pattern pictured here, know that you’re skiing or riding on something new thanks to an old-school grooming technique with some new technology mixed in. You'll love it!

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EcoTecSnow was founded by Daniel Osborne in Eagle, Colorado. With a focus on delivering key technologies to the Snow Business, we are well positioned to succeed by providing innovation to an industry that is in need of better efficiency and most of all creativity. 

We are here to help deliver the future.

Daniel's vision for EcoTecSnow is to be the Nike of snow!

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Meet our CEO

Daniel Osborne

Daniel grew up in Southern California and got hooked on snow skiing at Mammoth Mountain, Mt Baldy, Snow Valley and the other great local CA resorts. 

As a hard core skier for over 40 years, he knows snow and the wide variety of surfaces, textures and technologies related to his core passion SNOW. 

For the past 10 years Daniel.s primary focus has been on delivering innovation and better efficiency to snow grooming operations primarily in the Western US. 

He is committed to doing what he loves... which is to bring great technology and innovations to the snow business and also gets to ski quite often for a living. 

Yes! He's living the dream...  anything is possible.

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Daniel Osborne, CEO EcoTecSnow, Inc.

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